[My Chemical Romance] I’ve met a zombie on Christmas day.

Title: Zombie On Christmas Is Not Bad After All
Author: [info]earlpanda
Pairing: Frank/Gerard
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don’t look at me. I don’t own anything.
Summary: Gerard had never thought about this situation. He wanted to meet a zombie when he was a kid, and now his dream was come true. It was more than he had expected.
Warnings: Language
Author’s Note: Written for [info]chemicaldreamsx for Christmas. Ho, ho, ho XD
And thanks to my sweetie for the first idea and support.
There’s a sequel planned.



The first thing Gerard did when he woke up was yawn. He grumbled because of his splitting headache. He felt terrible. He’d just had a pretty bad dream. He dreamed about a zombie, which was pounding at the door and mouthing about something related to the fact that Gerard’d just killed it.


Gerard raised his hand and rubbed his forehead in order to eased the pain. Well, dreaming about blood was a bad omen. He shuddered a little when he thought that he would be unlucky today.


He raised himself and took a look at the clock through haft-closed eyes.


And then he opened his eyes widely.




He swore.


11 o’clock. It was 11 o’clock. It was 11 am.


Today was Christmas, he had to visit his grandmother’s house. It was 11 o’clock, so it meant that he was being late.


Gerard sat up and got dressed quickly. He got out of the house, didn’t care for eating, moved toward the car. He forgot coffee.







On the way to grandma’s house, there was a stretch of road went through a forest. The road was clear, so it would be great to speed up.


Sometimes there were some stupid animals risked their lives for nothing just to rush right in the middle of the road. Gerard thought he was experienced enough to avoid them.


Only if he had some coffee…







Gerard let out a yawn. Not because he was sleepy. He just yawned. Some tears were leaking from the corner of his eyes. He raised his hand to wipe it away.


And he stepped on the accelerator.


And then the car shook violently.


Or it was at least what he remembered before witnessed his dream was becoming true.


A young boy was lying in front of his car.


Gerard was flabbergasted and opened his eyes wide.


In this case, we needed to be calm, right? He took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down.


– Fuck…


Gerard grumbled, and raised his hand to fix his hair. He was thinking about what he should do now.


He couldn’t pull the boy into the forest or anywhere, he didn’t have water to wash all the blood stains.


He couldn’t run away either. If so, what would he explain about the blood stains on his car? He couldn’t go anywhere with that.


And he couldn’t just stand here too. It didn’t even make any sense. So he decided to call for emergency and admitted his guilt later.


– You motherfucker!! Why the fuck did you rush right in the middle of the road??


– Well, it because of my dog.


– Dog??


– He was shitting on the road, no matter how much i tried, he didn’t go. So i decided to wait.


– Don’t you know that standing in middle of the road is dangerous??


Gerard hissed and turned back in order to abuse the guy who had just said. But then he realized that it was the boy whom he had just crashed into.


– What the fuck…?


That boy sat up with the body full of blood. His hands were holding a dog.


– Luckily, I was tumbled down far away from your shit, you stupid dog.


He mumbled.


Gerard was standing motionless, gazing at the boy.


– Don’t look at me like that.


The boy stood up. He was flicking off dust from his clothes. Gerard felt a little satisfied because this guy was even shorter than him. The boy seemed to understand his thought, so he frowned and turned back, went away like nothing happened.


– Wait! You don’t…


Gerard shouted and grabbed the boy’s bloody wrist.


Oh my God.


– What?


The boy sighed with unpleasantness.


– Fuck… I can’t feel your pulse…


And the boy looked at Gerard surprisingly.


– What the fuck??


– Well, I mean…


– I was dead?


– No, of course not.


– So what do you mean by saying that you can’t feel my pulse?


– You’re a zombie.


– Fuck you.


– Don’t you see that is weird? You suddenly stood up and behaving like nothing happened after being crashed? And your blood is still running.


Gerard said, tried to be serious though he was happy. He had been dreaming about meeting a zombie, and now he was grabbing a real zombie’s hand.


– …


The boy stared at Gerard. And then he looked down his body.


– I don’t feel the pain.


– Of course, you’re zombie.


– Why do you look so happy?


– No, I’m not!


– Don’t lie to me. Your eyes are sparkling and you’re trying not to laugh.


– …


Gerard looked down, bit his lower lip.


– Ok, do whatever you want, no problems.


The boy shrugged his shoulders.


– Uhahahahahahahahah!!!


– What’s wrong with you?


– No, I just express my happiness. You know what, I’ve been dreaming about meeting a zombie since I was a kid.


– Yeah, you’re sick, man…


– How about taking a picture for souvenir?


– No.


– Fine…


The zombie suddenly embraced Gerard in his arm and grinned.


– So, what will you do to solve this problem?


– Huh?


– You’ve killed me, dude.


– You didn’t die!!


– But now I can’t go home like this.


– …


– I’m no longer a living. This means no home, no family, no friends, no relatives, no loves, no sex, and no children. In short, I’d rather die than living like this.


– So what do you want me to do?


– You have to be responsible to me, obviously.


– Responsible? What do you mean?


Gerard’s face turned white. He mumbled some swearwords.


– Oi, so what do you think you can do for me? At least is a place to live, food, drinks, games, videos, laptop, internet… and a guitar. Anything else?


– Yes.


– What?


Gerard moved toward the forest’s edge and came back with a section of a tree trunk.


– Kill you.


Then he raised the tree trunk.


– EEEEHHHH???!!! What the hell are you doing??


– I said i would kill you. You had just said that you’d rather die than living like that, hadn’t you?


– W-wait! Listen to me! Uhm…What’s your name?


– Gerard.


– Ok, Gerard. If you kill me now, you’ll have to go to prison. Because you’ve just knocked down me to death. Otherwise, if you just let me keep living like this, at least you’ll be ok, right?


The boy screamed and raised his hands. Gerard thought maybe that guy was right, and it seemed to be very reasonable, so he stopped trying to kill him. Furthermore, Gerard didn’t think he can do that. To kill a zombie, you had to cut off its head and crushed it until it became a heap of flesh and it would be really gross. Gerard threw away the tree trunk, and the boy stood up straight, grinned.


– What’s your name?


Gerard asked.


– Frank. Frank Iero. You can call me Frankie if you want.


– Good, Frank. So now what?


– Where’re you going?


– To my grandmother’s house.


– What if you don’t come to her house?


– Nothing, but i just want it.


– Well… Is anyone at your house now?


– No.


– Ok. So now you drive me to your house to wash these blood stains first.


– What about the blood stains on the road?


– Just forget about it.


Frank shrugged his shoulders, which was looked exactly like an irresponsible asshole.







– Mom? I can’t visit grandma today. I’ll explain later.


Gerard sighed and stared at Frank, who was looking at him with a face that said: do not use the phone while driving! Do you mean to kill somebody else?


– You should have a sense of responsibility Gee.


Frank said when the phone call ended.


– Gee?


– It’s cute.


– I’m not cute.


– Don’t you notice that you’re cute? Look at yourself! Your face, your hair, your eyes, your gesture and smiles! And…


– Shut up.


– Ok…


Gerard frowned. Frank is a trial to him. He glanced furtively at the guy who was sitting next to him. He was grinning and looking at his wounds in happiness, sometimes he even laughed out loud. Gerard couldn’t believe that was the attitude of a young person who had hardly drown his last breath. Or maybe that guy was a mental patient or a maniac or something. The way Frank reacted at his death was so abnormal. Like, for him, dying was a good new.


– Is your house big?


Frank said.


– Big enough.


– Is it big enough for me to live in with?




Gerard braked suddenly in order not to kill anyone else.


– You want to live in my house??


– Yes.


Frank grinned and nodded enthusiastically.


– Really??


– Of course.


– …


– Gee?


– Fuck you!!! Get the hell out of my sight!!!!







– Your house looked pretty small!


That was the first thing Frank said when he finally reached Gerard’s house.


– So get the fuck away.


Gerard grumbled while he was unlocking the door.


– No, I said small, it doesn’t mean that I don’t like it.


Gerard opened the door and walked into the house.


– Come in. The bathroom is on the right side.


– Ok.


Gerard sighed. He took the clout and tried to clean the mess. He had a bad feeling. Well, he had just brought back home a stranger, worse, a zombie. What if Frank tied him up and used him to extort money or something? Or maybe Frank was a mental patient who had just broken out from lunatic asylum. It seemed to be reasonable: no one would stand right in the middle of the road just because the dog was shitting. That was stupid.


And now Frank became a zombie.


Gerard suddenly felt creepy.


If Frank was a lunatic person, he would be pissed off anytime. And when a zombie went mad, what would happen? He would bite everybody he met, obviously. And people who were bitten would become zombies.


And Frank was in Gerard’s house.


Of course, Gerard was in his house.


If Frank went mad, Gerard would be the first victim.


Oh God dammit…


– Arghhh?!!!


A scream was sent from the bathroom suddenly. Gerard jumped out of his skin.


“Don’t tell me that he’s going mad in there…”


Gerard panted. He stood up, tried to find something to defend himself. Immediately, he was grabbed tightly. And then he was pushed against the wall.


– What the…


Gerard groaned with pain.


– Gee!!


When he heard someone called his name, he opened his eyes.


It was Frank.


He was looked normal, well, maybe because the blood stains were gone. And obviously, he didn’t seem to want to bite anyone.


– What the fuck are you doing??!!!


Gerard shouted. He gritted his teeth.


– I just… I was freaked out… I saw a spider on the wall.


– Spider???


Gerard frowned. That was the most stupid reason for a zombie to be freaked out. So it seemed to be a lie. But when Gerard looked at his face, he couldn’t fine even a gram of fakeness on it. Then he looked down a little bit.




Gerard screamed out. And then he was frightened when he heard a very familiar voice.


– Gerard? What’s going on here?







– You said your name was Frank, right?


Donald and Donna Way were sitting on the armchair and glanced at two young men in front of them. Gerard’s face became pale a little: he was caught by his parents when he was being hold in a naked stranger’s arms.


– Yes.


Frank smiled and nodded bashfully.


– H-he is my friend at the college…


Gerard stammered.


– But you look young. Are you sure that you’re 23?


Donna asked.


– No, because I’m young, really. I’m just 19. I’m a freshman.


Frank answered moderately. Gerard glanced furtively at him and his mouth was clamped shut. His face was like, “so this is a real zombie. Unbelievable.”


Donna’s eyes changed direction to Gerard.


– So this is the reason why you couldn’t visit your grandma.


– No!! No, of course.


Gerard denied.


– Well, I’m sorry to bother you, but Gee, I mean, Gerard couldn’t come because he helped me…


Frank said.


– Helped… what??


– Well… Frank’s parents had met with an accident and he needed to go to the hospital quickly…


Gerard put a word in edgeways.


– Oh my God! – Donna balled up her sleeves and pressed them against her mouth. – Are they ok?


Frank made his face look really sad, some tears were leaking from the corner of his eyes. He looked down and said very low.


– Hn… They just passed away…


– Oh… I’m so sorry…


– Mom, Frank’s house is very far from the college…So, I wonder if he can stay here for a while…


Gerard said and then he glanced at Frank with a face that said “You owe me for this”.


– Yes, of course. Frank can stay with you in your room, I’ll prepare. He’s such a nice kid…


Donna smiled. Then she stared at her son.


– … and the best guy you’ve ever brought back home.


Gerard turned back and pretended to help his brother with some works.


Gerard had never thought about this situation. He wanted to meet a zombie when he was a kid, and now his dream was come true. It was more than he had expected. He would live with a zombie. It sounded cool, but when he thought deeply, he painfully realized how dangerous it was when he lived with a zombie.


Especially, with Frank.


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