Yeah~~ It’s December…

It’s December. Can’t wait for Christmas Eve. It doesn’t mean that I’m awaiting the exams two weeks later. Contrariwise, I’m pretty worry about it. Exams. Suck. I don’t understand what I can do for this world in the future if I learn about binomial theorem, Pythagorean theorem, trigonometric function, or even DNA, RNA and enzymmology…etc. Great, forget about it.

Actually, I don’t like Christmas as much as Easter. I love the return, the reborn of something more than the birth. A newborn baby doesn’t interest me. But if that baby was die, and then came back to life to haunt, haha now that’s funny. Ok, I know, I’m being such a badass, but my brain’s being RAPED now, I need to write something insanely and totally creepy. This passage is not creepy, but it’s weird. And totally disgress from the subject.

As I said, I like Easter. Unfortunately, in my country, we don’t celebrate Easter. What a pity, I don’t have chocolate eggs on that day. And about Christmas, actually we don’t celebrate it too. We don’t buy Christmas trees, have special meals, play the piano and sing the Christmas song. Our national religion is not Catholicism and I’m definitely not a Catholic. At least it becomes a holiday when we have a break with family, give and receive presents. Usually, I’m not used to having presents but I love waiting for it. It’s really pathetic.

And one more thing: it’s December and I’m waiting for the snow. That’s definitely normal and nothing creepy, if my country was NOT in tropical climate. Haha, that’s really stupid ‘cuz the world is becoming hotter and hotter thanks to the greenhouse effect. But, hey, maybe some days it can be true. XD Yeah, some days… And now I’m waiting for the snow…….. *laugh*

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